Humboldt is gearing up for an electrifying Friday night as Darryl Anderson takes the stage at the Humboldt Golf Course event tent. Known for his high-energy performances and captivating tunes, Darryl is excited to be part of the PBR festivities during the day and promises an unforgettable after-party experience.

Reflecting on last year's success, Darryl Anderson shared his enthusiasm: "Ladies and gentlemen, my name is Darryl Anderson, and I am excited to be coming to Humboldt today to take in some of the PBR festivities. I will be playing at the Humboldt Golf Course for the after-party. Last year was a good time. This time is gonna be even better, so make sure you put on your dancing shoes and come on out."

Fans new and old are encouraged to join the fun and dance the night away. Darryl added, "If you don't know who I am, check me out on social media Darryl Anderson music. You can go on Spotify and iTunes and all music platforms to listen to some tunes but check me out. Let's have a good time. Giddy up, let's go." 

Anderson's music is also a part of the local music on Bolt FM.

Don't miss this chance to enjoy a spectacular night of live music under the stars. The concert is set to start right after the PBR festivities, so grab your tickets, spread the word, and prepare for an evening of great music and dancing. Tickets are $20.00 at the door. See you there!