Work has once again begun in earnest on Highway 5 from east of Saskatoon to the south junction of Highway 2. The continued work is part of a multi-year project that will see improvements to surface, width, sightlines, and access. It will also see the addition of much needed passing lanes. 

Steve Shaheen, communications consultant with the Ministry of Highways, provides the details. 

“The project is starting up right away and will continue until late summer, weather permitting. That particular section will see construction of the shoulders and widening, including intersection treatments, grade improvements, resurfacing as well as the two passing lanes.”

Travellers are encouraged to plan for delays on the Highway, as has been the case in the last several years. As well, alternate routes west to Saskatoon are marked via Highways 16 or 27 and 41. 

Please check the Saskatchewan Highway Hotline for updates.