At the regular meeting of City Council, Council was presented a recommendation to approve the repainting of the Humboldt Water Tower. 

The Humboldt Water Tower exterior painting project would come with an estimated cost of $116,000 and would be approved as an unbudgeted project for 2023. The funds for the project would be drawn from the Water Tower reserve and the Saskatchewan Heritage Foundation grant. 

“The tower that was built way back in 1914 was really rehabilitated by a lot of those volunteers over 20 years and they have really done incredible work. In the last little while, we have realized that the exterior is really in need of paint, and not just for aesthetic reasons, but just to preserve that exterior and ensure its long-term conservation,” says Director of Cultural Services, Jennifer Fitzpatrick. “Doesn’t look as bad from the ground, but we did send the drone to have a better look, and we really do need to do some painting.”

The preparation and issuance of an RFP or Tender will begin as soon as possible, says Fitzpatrick, and Cultural Services anticipated the work to proceed in the summer/fall of 2023, but will be dependent on weather and the availability of contractors and rental equipment.

“Because the Water Tower is a designated heritage property, it was eligible for funding from the Saskatchewan Heritage Foundation, and we are really excited to share with council that the project was awarded $45,000 through the Built Heritage Grant Program.” 

The combination of the $45,000 grant and the $67,725 from the reserve, adds up to $112,725. 

Council passed the recommendation.