Monday night during Humboldt City Council's lone August meeting they were presented with the beginning of a consultant's report as they update their "Official Community Plan."

An OCP is a document all jurisdictions are required to have. It's also a key component in a council's planning process and development of their community.

Under Saskatchewan law, it must be prepared in consultation with a professional community planner as licensed under The Community Planning Profession Act. The City of Humboldt has hired Hanna, Crosby & Associates.

"It involves a fairly intensive look at the community," Mayor Malcolm Eaton said following the meeting. "In our case it really looks at the growth of the community, it looks at all aspects of the community. What the plan does is it lays out a path for council in the years ahead."

The consultant covered ten goals of the document during a brief presentation including having the city welcoming, sustainable, green, active, creative, connected and remaining prosperous.

Eaton says it's a depth filled document and a crucial one.

"They've integrated our strategic plan into this, they've integrated the growth planning that we've been doing, they've integrated the infrastructure study. The way they've integrated these different planning processes that we've done is very a valuable part of the process so it really makes this document a very, very important document for the city."

Eaton explains what the public will have a chance to see September 3rd during an open house at the Humboldt Curling Rink which is also the Fall/Winter City Wide Registration night.

"It's got some pretty bold statements, it's got some growth planning maps, it's got a number of policies that really respond to what the community has been telling the consultants and telling us. That evening is an opportunity, the first opportunity, there will be another one later on but it's the first opportunity the community has to take a good look at this."

The open house is scheduled from 6-8pm. You can find out more about OCP's here.

You can hear more from mayor Eaton in his interview with Bolt FM's Clark Stork below.