Among the many events occurring over two days for Streetfest in downtown Humboldt will be the Crazed Illusions Car Show and DB Battle.

"We are going to be right outside of DC Audio," said Chris Struck, leader of the Humboldt chapter of Crazed Illusions. "We are going to be doing DB battles, which is basically a stereo contest to see who can play their music the loudest."

Scheduled to take place between 1:00 and 5:00pm, the event will feature a car show until three before the DB battle takes centre stage.

Struck says anyone is invited to join the show and there is no registration fee.

"Most guys if they're really into it have complete cars dedicated with only two seats," he said of the vehicles entrants particularly have. "Most of them just have one seat where they can drive place to place and that's it."

Rain forced a quick ending to the group's show at the Summer Sizzler, which has Struck anticipating a better outcome on Saturday.

"We're pretty exciting, it should be a really good turnout," he said. "We have a bunch of people coming out already, and it should be pretty loud."

During the event they will also be taking donations for Partners Family Service's School Supply Drive.

Those interested in the group or simply joining the event can find more details with the Crazed Illusions Facebook page.