The Humboldt and District Gallery will be home this Wednesday to a free information session put on by Creative Saskatchewan.

Creative producers in the area can come out and learn about certain grants that are available to them.

Lisa Lanigan a Program Coordinator for Creative Saskatchewan gives an example of how the grants could be used.

"For example; a craft artist, they could apply to our creative industries production grant in which they could receive up to 50 percent of eligible expenses to manufacture their fine craft that has a commercial intent, (which) they have a market for."

Lanigan expanded on the types of people eligible for these types of grants.

"Anyone from screen base media, developers such as filmmaker for film and television, as well as craft artists, visual artists, theater, dance, music, book publishing, really a wide range of creative industries."

Things get underway this Wednesday at the Humboldt and District Gallery at 7:00pm, the session should end around 9:00pm.

Lanigan encourages all creative producers in the area to attend.

If you would like more details about grants and your eligibility visit Creative Saskatchewan's website.

To hear more from Lanigan's interview with Bolt FM's Ronald Quaroni click below.