As part of Horizon School Division’s Opening Celebration Day, a number of teachers were recognized for outstanding instruction, commitment to students and dedication to their profession. The teacher honourees were nominated by their peers. We continue our Celebration Day series with a look at a pair of those recipients. 

Dana Knight has been a kindergarten teacher at the Humboldt Public School for the past thirteen years. Originally from Esterhazy, Knight completed here post-secondary education at the University of Saskatchewan. She’s taught at La Loche, Tompkins, Watson, eventually landing in Humboldt. Knight has been a skating instructor and has worked on a variety of community organizations and with educational organizations including the Ministry on curriculum renewal. 

“Teaching has always been a passion of mine, and being recognized for something I love to do is incredibly special,” said Knight to her colleagues in attendance. “I am honoured to become part of a group of these teaching award recipients past, present and future.” 

Knight went on to recognize her family for their support, along with her co-workers and all the educational assistants whose services are invaluable.  

Knight laughed at her colleagues who viewed kindergarten as “a nice place to visit, but they wouldn’t want to live there.” She pointed out the advantages though, in that her young charges are the best “hype people” out there, ready with compliments on everything from a new haircut to a choice of socks. Knight says she loves working in an environment where her students teach her new things every day. 

Also a recipient of an Excellence in Teaching ward was HCI’s Dawn Marie Goosen. Touted as one of the first to arrive and last to leave teachers, Dawn Marie was recognized for her commitment to students throughout their time at HCI and her interest in their welfare long after they’ve left school. Her love of photography has led to the establishment of photography clubs and classes, and instilling inspiration in students when it comes to their yearbook.  She remains strongly dedicated to her own learning and self-improvement. 

The ever-changing landscape of education needs a commitment to learning, adapting and evolving in the pursuit of excellence,” said Goosen during her address. “Every day is different and presents new challenges and an opportunity for learning and growth. Like I’ve told my students – every day that ends in a ‘y’ is an opportunity to learn something new. Don't waste that day.” 

Goosen also thanked her network of support – her parents who encouraged her curiosity and desire to learn, her husband who helped her discover “the power of work-life balance,” and to her colleagues who have joined her on her “adventure in teaching.” Recognizing that the journey has celebrated great triumphs and endured devastating loss, Goosen is confident that her “HCI family” will continue to be part of her personal and professional growth. 

Stay with us as we congratulate two additional Horizon Excellence in Teaching award recipients in our upcoming installments.  

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