The annual Lake Lenore Fish Smoker is back for a smoking good time this Saturday. The annual lakeside ritual in the community of Lake Lenore never fails to haul in traffic and haul in an abundance of whitefish out of the lake. The Community Hall in Lake Lenore is ground zero for all the excitement, and Lake Lenore Wildlife Federation Director Murray Bauml says this year’s haul of whitefish was fantastic. 

“This was one of the highest catches we’ve seen,” says Bauml. 

The fires will be stoked up early in the morning to smoke the fish for opening time at 1:30. The fish and entry to the hall are all free until the dance in the evening when admission will be charged. The proceeds for the event will be split between the community hall and projects funded by the Wildlife Federation. A key focus will be maintenance on the dock at Lake Lenore with an eye on future ventures. 

“The Wildlife Club will be selling 50/50 cards in there all day long,” Bauml says. “There will be smokies all day, along with a bar.” Other raffle opportunities will be on hand. 

Of course, it’s all about that beautiful smoked whitefish and getting together with friends and neighbours in one of the friendliest communities around. It’s a winter rite of passage in the area at the annual Lake Lenore Fish Smoker.