Goat meat is in exceptional demand across Canada, but there has been a shortage of producers to meet it.

Ken Robinson, President of the Saskatchewan Goat Breeders Association, says they are looking for more producers to get involved in the goat industry, adding that it's one of the easiest things to get invested into.

"Because of the cost factor, good blood lines of course are good money like the cattle industry but goats are not near as high in price as cattle at the present time and statistics say that you can feed seven mature female goats for the price of feeding one cow."

The Association is holding a series of symposium meetings with guests from the Western College of Veterinary Medicine and the Ministry of Agriculture on hand to educate producers on goat production.

"The veterinarians are talking about nutrition of goats, diseases effecting goats, proper medication, the administration of medications, but probably the most interesting part for people networking is there is actually wet labs with live goats in hand for demonstrations and just the ability to network with people who are in the industry already."

Meetings will be held Saturday in Weyburn at the Exhibition Grounds, and Sunday in Swift Current at Kinetic Park.