New courses for business owners are rolling out in Saskatchewan and Manitoba thanks to funding from the Rural Opportunity Fund (ROF). The Destination Business Program is designed to transform small businesses into thriving destinations, helping entrepreneurs discover their company’s unique qualities and enabling them to stand out in the marketplace. In Saskatchewan, Mid-Sask Community Futures is managing the program. Regional businesses can access Sagehill Community Futures for support in linking into the program.  

Lilah McIvor, the General Manager of Community Futures (CF) Mid-Sask, emphasized the significance of this program for entrepreneurs in rural regions, stating, "Entrepreneurs know about Community Futures because of the great lending program and advisory services we provide to rural businesses. This Destination Business Program is one of those important services we're now making available to entrepreneurs in both Saskatchewan and Manitoba, due to the support received from the Rural Opportunity Fund. We’ve heard from business owners and know that inflation, debt-load and changes beyond their control have been huge worries. By participating in the Destination Business Program, entrepreneurs can take back some control, learn how to expand their company's market beyond the local region and boost their bottom line. Becoming a destination business can make a big impact on a small business." 

In the program, participants will start off by learning the fundamentals in the Destination Creation Course to o understand the core principles of becoming a destination business. The Monthly Connector Series offers a deeper dive in exploring transformative and trending business issues. One on one guidance is available through a Destination Coach. Finally, the program allows for collaboration among business owners also in the program.  

This Program promises to equip business owners with the knowledge and resources needed to showcase their company's uniqueness and stand out in the crowded marketplace. More information is available at  

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