Smaller communities in the area are facing a housing crunch that’s going to become more pronounced as locally based industries and mining operations continue to grow. Such a community is St. Brieux who has explored options to better the situation, and now is working to fundraise for one of those solutions. 

This weekend, the committee fundraising for St. Brieux Manor, a proposed full-licensed and community operated care home, is hosting a supper and dance. The time honoured tunes of St. Brieux’s own The Marlins will highlight the evening. The supper is a prime rib roast complete with all the harvest bounty. The event goes on Saturday, November 5 at the St. Brieux Community Hall - doors open at 5:00 pm. 

“We’ll have oven roasted potatoes, fresh corn out of the field, a few salads, a few desserts, and of course all the fixings,” says Florette Rheaume. The Marlins are reuniting for a show that promises a wide range of music.

The idea behind the care home, according to the St. Brieux Manor Inc. web page, is to fill a much needed gap in care home housing for a growing senior population. The side effects are to open up entry level and newer homes that are vacated as seniors enter a new living centre, new job opportunities for care staff, and community growth. It’s been a long process to get to this point, but the incorporated entity has a suitable space. The hope is that St. Brieux Manor would be able to bridge the gap between independent living and the higher levels of special care provided by the community’s Chateau Providence.

Tickets for the dine and dance are $65 per person and are available by contacting Florette Rheaume at (306) 921-7548. With live auctions and the reunion of the Marlins, it promises to be a magical Christmas evening.