DiscoverHumboldt’s website has had a massive makeover, with new features implemented for easier access. 


Much like social media feeds such as Instagram and Twitter, content is constantly being updated and posted in a user-friendly manner to allow for up-to-date news, weather and sports and nonstop entertainment. 


Stories are now easier to access and results can be filtered with the click of a button. By clicking the menu, you can sort by local news, national news, community, local sports and much more. 

DiscoverHumboldt and Bolt FM Station Manager, Brian Kush, stated, "The biggest change that people are going to see is it is a mobile first site. Our previous site was a desktop first version that was mobile friendly, now we are turning that to a mobile first that is desktop friendly."


Access on mobile devices couldn’t be easier, allowing for local information available on the go wherever you are. 


It’s the same great content you’ve come to expect, only with a new face and features. DiscoverHumboldt’s new website allows listeners from Humboldt to Watrous to stay up to date.