The bustle of directional drilling is humming throughout Humboldt and Muenster as crew markout and lay underground cable for a fibre optic delivery system. 

The Village of Muenster released a social media notice advising citizens of the increased activity, particularly along College Avenue and extending alleyways.  Much of the activity in Humboldt is adjacent to Highway 5 in Humboldt to facilitate the fibre optic delivery to rural communities.. The drilling is all using underground direction burrowing so there’s no disturbance to roads or walking surfaces. 

It’s all part of an effort to bring high speed fibre optic internet services to rural Saskatchewan communities in a phased effort. FlexNetworks has contracted Ryko Communications for the infrastructure work to deliver high speed reliable internet to Muenster and other communities. The service is already deployed in Nokomis, and company representatives indicate a high degree of satisfaction with the service. Bruno is also on the list for receiving the high speed delivery cable.

Residents will see the drilling crews until work is completed. The cable installation will result in a hub at the Access Communications building in Muenster. A service provider for in-home installation will be determined.