Another tinge of white and a bit more moisture greeted much of east central Saskatchewan as a weak low pressure system seated in the province’s southeast makes its way through. The rain that began yesterday afternoon and morphed into snow overnight will last another day before moving through by Friday night.  

The moisture is likely to switch from snow to rain and back during that period, says Natalie Hassel, meteorologist with Environment and Climate Change Canada. 

“We are in that period of time where our temperature ranges are just right for this mix of rain and snow, back and forth.” 

The pattern will repeat through Friday until the system moves off to the east on Friday night or early Saturday morning, but that won’t be the end of the moisture. 

“You get a bit of a break on the weekend before the next system which will see warmer temperature ranges. That should be entirely rain. The next low will be moving in from Montana and will definitely be affecting a lot of Alberta and Saskatchewan. It too eventually continues moving east.” 

The Montana low is expected to start affecting weather patterns as early as Monday. The one is larger with some convective activity, says Hassel, so some areas of the province could see increased winds and gusts, along with enough lift to create the chance for localized thunderstorms.  

Enjoy the potential sunny breaks peeking through on the weekend sandwiched between the two bundles of moisture moving through during the weekdays.