(with content from Janice Weber)

It was nothing short of a miracle for a cold and frightened 10-month old pup seemingly destined for a dire fate when she was discovered at an area dump. 

In the bitter cold wind chills leading up to Christmas, alone and without food and proper shelter, ten month old puppy Annie was trying to survive on what little scraps could be found at the dump where she had been abandoned. She would have undoubtedly suffered severe frostbite if not for a kind woman’s heart who couldn’t bear the thought of this poor gal suffering the pain that was in store.

The rescuer brought the pup into the already full Humboldt SPCA, so a foster home was the only hope. An examination revealed that this young dog was also soon to become a mom.

In her temporary foster home, Annie surprised all by giving birth to seven puppies. As this was her first litter, she was scared and the delivery wasn’t easy. Luckily she had her kind foster mother by her side and was in the warm comfort of a home.

Humboldt SPCA President Janice Weber noted in a statement that while this feels like a Christmas miracle for Annie, she is sending a strong message about being responsible pet owners. A pet is a commitment for the life of the animal. She also sends a strong reminder about the importance of having pets spayed/neutered.

Weber reminds animal lovers that there are fosters available at the shelter, including a particularly cute young male dog looking for a "furever" home.