An exciting new opportunity is coming up this spring for youth basketball in Humboldt. The Humboldt Minor Basketball Association (HMBA) is getting set for a spring launch. The early bird registration deadline is Monday, February 26. It’s a great opportunity for spring sports activity through a range of age groups. The Association has been in the works for some time, says organizer Kerri Archibald.  

“We’ve had some Junior NBA run in the past,” Archibald says, “We’re hoping this can be the kind of a program that will have the longevity to run over the years and allow for some grassroots basketball development in our community, and a really affordable activity for kids to do in the spring time.” 

The grade 1-6 program will have kids active every Sunday afternoon, and it will run similarly to the club soccer program where half the time will attend to practice and skill development and the other half will be competitive game time. The first session for the beginner group starts on March 17 and ends on May 26.  

The grades 3-4 and grades 5-6 teams will also gear toward a tournament in Melfort as well. For coaches old and new coming into the new association, there have also been professional development and support activities to provide a solid foundation.  

“We’re very fortunate to have Paul Humbert coming out on March 10 to help get everybody on the same page and to provide some resources so everyone can have a wonderful experience.” 

Humbert is a widely known Saskatchewan basketball figure who coaches at the provincial level in the national association.  

The entry fees are designed to provide access for all families. 

  • Grade 1-2 program - $85 

  • Grade 3-4 program - $100 

  • Grade 5-6 program - $100 

After the early bird registration date of February 26, the price for all programs goes up by $15 until the registration window closes on March 1. All participants will receive a basketball and a jersey. 

For older players, the club programs that have run under the guidance of Ron Roach and Kevin Plemel over the years will continue but will be folded under the HMBA umbrella. Registration deadlines for U13 boys and girls, U15 boys and girls, and U18 boys and girls are the same as for their younger counterparts.  

More information and the link for registration are available at the Humboldt Minor Basketball Association.  

It will be a great start to a great new sporting organization that provides skill development and recreation opportunities for all youth ages.