It’s been 50 years since Ed Brockmeyer first carved ski trails through the bush in the Dixon hills for a handful of people. Now, Ed is being recognized for his half a century of dedication to the sport locally. That recognition comes from his home club, the Carlton Trail Ski Club, and also from the provincial organization Cross Country Saskatchewan (CCS).

At the Carlton Trail Ski Club’s Annual General Meeting, Ed was recognized as a founding member of the club, which saw its first members in 1972 and was incorporated in 1976. He was also given the nod as the Club’s longest serving board member. Add to that his 50 years of grooming the trails just east of Humboldt, and Ed Brockmeyer is clearly the standard for dedication.

Ed Brockmeyer awardBrockmeyer (l) receives the CCS Volunteer of the Year Award from long time skiing compatriot David Martinuk

Brockmeyer explains how his tenure got started.

“A friend of mine got cross country skis and he asked me where would be a nice place to ski because he was just skiing up and down the alleys in Humboldt. I used to go ski-dooing all the time, and I’d run some trails. I said it would be a nice place just west of where I live out here. So that started it, but it didn’t take long before a half-dozen people or more in Humboldt heard that we were skiing out there. That sort of kicked the whole thing off.”

Brockmeyer took it upon himself to put an ad in the Humboldt Journal to call a meeting. Those who attended turned out to be the genesis of the club.  

Brockmeyer received the 2022 Volunteer of the Year Award from CCS. He was delighted to receive the award, which was also presented at the AGM, as he looks to continue making contributions to the club and the sport. 

“(Skiing) is one of the best things I’ve ever done in my life,” he confesses by way of enticing others to try the sport. “It’s great exercise, and it gets you out in the fresh air. It’s not an expensive sport to take up. There’s also equipment at the ski club to rent, so it gives you a chance to try it out.”

Ed continues to ski, and he’s been active in many other community ventures including the Wildlife Federation, the Humboldt Vintage Club, the German Heritage Society and other organizations. A tip of the hat goes to Ed Brockmeyer for his continued support of a sport that means so much to area residents.