On Thursday, March 21, the International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination, the Humboldt & District Gallery and the Prairie Central District for Sport, Culture and Recreation will host a powerful conversation and presentation hosted by Bahamian Canadian Khodi Dill. 

In this talk, Overcoming Division: Strengthening Race Relations in a Polarized World, anti-racism educator and spoken word artist Khodi Dill will explore the roots of taboo and polarization regarding race-related conversations in our society. He will share with listeners critical intersectional understandings about power, privilege, and disadvantage concerning oppressive systems, and will advocate for unity, community, and a shared vision of the future for all. Come and experience this engaging mixture of poetry and articulate discourse. 

This talk will begin at 7pm. Free and everyone welcome! 

Khodi Dill is an award-winning Bahamian Canadian spoken word artist, author, and anti-racist educator from Saskatoon. Centering equity at the heart of his practice, Khodi hopes that his work will engage people of all ages in social justice and the arts. Dill is the author of two picture books, including Welcome to the Cypher, which introduces young people to the transformative power of rap music, and Little Black Lives Matter, a book of affirmation and Black history for children. Khodi Dill’s highly anticipated nonfiction book, stay up: racism, resistance, and reclaiming Black freedom (Annick Press), is available everywhere now. For more information on Khodi and his work, visit thegreygriot.com or follow @KhodiDill on social media. 

The Gallery passes on a thank you to the Prairie Central District for Sports, Culture and Recreation for partnering on this important event. For more information, please contact Aileen Martin from Prairie Central at aileen@prairiecentral.ca  or Jennifer at 306.682.5226 or culturalservicesdirector@humboldtmuseum.ca