Fifty-one boys and girls age 14 and under were in Wynyard on Saturday as they competed in the regional Pass, Punt, Kick competition.

George Lamb Field was once again the site of the event, with Wynyard Golden Bears players helping out as the hosts.

Local competitions took place, allowing qualifiers to advance to the regional. Athletes from Drake, Lockwood, Guernsey, Lanigan, Wadena, Watrous, Foam Lake, and Wynyard attempted their best of the three football skills.

Through Football Saskatchewan's initiatives, the Pass, Punt, Kick event aids in developing the game at a younger age.

Eighteen of the competitors advanced to provincials, which will be held in Saskatoon and Regina on October 17.

Those who go on to become provincial champions will win four family tickets to the Saskatchewan Roughriders game on October 24 when they host the Edmonton Eskimos. Winners will be honoured with a pregame ceremony.

Regional Winners (town, distance)

Girls U10 - Pass: Emma Nichol (Wynyard, 44'5"); Punt: Hayley Bodnar (Wynyard, 64'3"); Kick: Sarah Babut (Wynyard, 34'9")
Girls U12 - Pass: Kaitlin Mau (Guernsey, 76'11"); Punt: Diana Castillo (Foam Lake, 95'); Kick: Raea Lamont (Wynyard, 37'10")
Girls U14 - Pass: Jennalee Sealey (Drake, 74'4"); Punt: Emily Thomas (Watrous, 92'); Kick: Franziska Pfrieger (Lanigan, 55')

Boys U10 - Pass: Derrik Prisiak (Wynyard, 74'10"); Punt: Tyler Gudjonson (Wynyard, 72'10"); Kick: Thomas Salter (Wynyard, 76'2")
Boys U12 - Pass: Carter McLean (Foam Lake, 114'3"); Punt: Zaynn Tkachyk (Foam Lake, 81'10"); Kick: Justin Popadynec (Wynyard, 81'10")
Boys U14 - Pass: Sam Pilling (Watrous, 99'8"); Punt: Tristan Bergquist (Wynyard, 86'1"); Kick: Dylan Johnson (Wynyard, 89'4")