Students, staff and community members gathered in the Englefeld school gym to cut the ribbon on their brand new gymnasium floor on Wednesday morning.

With the help from local businesses and residents the floor project was a great success.

Mayor of Englefeld, Darrel Athmer talked about why the project was a necessity.

"A year ago we found out there was asbestos in the tiling of the floor so we felt it important before anybody got sick to get rid of it so we started this project of raising money to replace the floor."

BHP Billiton provided $10,000 to the project, and Schulte Industries donated $15,000. The Community Inititatives fund supplied the large sum of $25,000. Also on board was the school community council, Knights of Columbus, and the 2015 graduation class.

Affinity Credit Union also supported the project and Don Bohay says they were happy be a part of it.

"Each year, each branch is allotted so much to donate inside the community and this year we decided to donate our entire budget which was $3,500 and we chose to donate it to the gym floor and we are very impressed it."

The community also put on a boat raffle that wrapped up over the September long weekend to raise funds.

The senior girls volleyball team will test run the floor on Wednesday after school.

To hear the full interview with Athmer and Bohay with Bolt FM's Angie Dukart click below.