It's six days away from the first day of fall. So, what about it? Here are a few things to look forward to as you enjoy the cool crisp Autumn months!

1. THE SCENIC SIGHTS: Get out of house while you can with out 30 inches of layers and frost bite. Check out some of the best places to walk/run/ride suggest by Humboldtonians. 

2. FOOD AND DRINKS: Pumpkin Spiced Everything

3. WHAT DO I WEAR?: Some wear sweaters others are in denial and wear shorts

4. SPORTS: Hockey season is now in session, Highschool football as well. Also, it looks as like the Toronto Blue Jays will very well be playing ball in October this year.

5.HARVEST: Where your social life goes as far as the farm equipment store guy you drove an hour and to see.

6.THANKSGIVING: Need I say more?

7. CARVING PUMPKINS (HALLOWEEN): Whether you still dress up or not it's still fun to carve.

8. BACK TO SCHOOL: Either Starting another semester ot just getting the kid out of the house back to school is a fun time. 

9. FALL SUPPERS: Watch out for Ron while he goes on his favourite thing to do in the fall. 

10. HAVE A HEART WALK RUN: Help make a difference in the community's local heath care. On September 27th show up in your best harvest themed gear to win a cool prize. Find out more at Have a Heart Walk Run web site.