Farm & Food Care Saskatchewan is taking its mission to engage consumers in a conversation about food and farming directly to the grocery store this month.

Adele Buettner, CEO of FFC SK says more than 150 Co-op Food Stores will distribute the Real Dirt on Farming publication in grocery bags.

"It touches on how food is produced whether its crops and livestock, sort of your typical farming operation from plants and crops right up to farm animals 101, the basics of how animals are raised."

The initiative is all part of an awareness campaign by Farm & Food Care Saskatchewan and Federated Co-operatives Limited to mark Agriculture Month in Saskatchewan.

Buettner says only two percent of Canadians have a direct link to the farm, so it's important that we help connect consumers to their food and how it is produced.

The partnership between FCC and Co-op is important according to Buettner, "their proud of the farmers and ranchers in the province that grow food and they showcase a number of our farmers and ranchers products within their stores."

She says consumers now are more interested than ever to know how food is grown.

Buettner says the Saskatchewan based products can be identified by Grown at Home, Raised at Home and Produced at Home labels on display in Co-op stores.