Beef and bison producers were able to take in a presentation on Wednesday at Farm World.

Lanigan's Western Beef Development Centre's Research Economist Kathy Larson talked about what she presented to producers.

"Issues relevant to cow/calf producers in the realm of economics so I spoke about developing replacement heifers and the costs associated with that and winter feeding since winter feeding is the biggest cost for cow/calf producers."

She said an increase in market prices change costs on each operation, "what ends  up happening on the replacement heifer side is because when I look at the cost of developing replacements you want to take in the value of them as a heifer calf, so with the strong cattle prices we have that becomes reflected in the cost of raising your breeding stock so it makes breeding stock some of the most expensive or the most expensive that a producers ever encountered."

Larson wants producers to get comfortable with numbers and costs that exist on their operations to make better decisions.

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Larson's interview with Bolt FM's Ron Quaroni can be heard below.