Producers are being encouraged to take part in a Business Risk Management Survey.

The survey is available online and is being conducted by the Agricultural Producers Association of Saskatchewan.

President Norm Hall says over the years they’ve heard about a number of issues.

"Numbers of guys using AgriStability are dropping off, we've heard some issues around Crop Insurance especially around unseeded acres but some other things as well, and there's always been the complaint that they've cut AgriInvest as well so what we're asking is how useful are these program to you and what do you see that needs changing."

Hall says government is beginning to review the current suite of programs offered under Growing Forward 2 noting the new programs are set to begin in April 2018.

"Individuals can go online and do it off our website at and it's right on our front page, there is a link there, you just click on it and it goes right to the survey, its about a five minute survey. If you want to get your voice out there and heard this is the way to do it."

APAS plans to take the survey results down to the Canadian Federation of Agriculture Meeting next month.