The Farmers' Bonspiel at the Wadena ReMax Curling Club came to a close in style with the A Final tied coming home.  

Jay Bindig made a spectacular skinny in off to stick and lie one buried, leaving no path for Brent Franko to draw. That led to a steal and the win for the Bindig foursome.  

This year's event saw one game with one team's average age in the high 80’s, including 2 90-year-olds, playing the junior high mixed team, averaging 12 years old. It proves curling is truly a sport for everyone.

Here's how teams in the other events fared.

Wadena B event winners.jpg RJ Sales B Event winners 
Eldon Helberg, Keenan Sowa, James Holowaty, Darin Faubert, presented by Dane Ward
Wadena C event winners.png Wheatbelt Sales C Event 
Derek Ekstrom (sparing for Kerrie Johnson), Lee Johnson, Marcy Comfort, Scott Comfort, presented by Keenan Sowa
Wadena D event winnersTNT Tire D Event Winners: 
April Byman, Amanda Prevost, Randy Leitch, Evan Rorquist