The president of APAS says he's not surprised with the results of the provincial government's farmland ownership consultation that were released last week.

In the online consultation, 87 per cent of respondents said they were opposed to foreign ownership of farmland in Saskatchewan, and Norm Hall says that verifies the results of a recent survey conducted by APAS.

"The numbers are not exact but they are very close to what our survey already said about the acceptance of foreign ownership of land and investment companies and not surprised and pleased with the closeness of the numbers."

He added one thing he would like to see as the fall sitting of the legislature resumes is changes on the amount of foreign capital that is used in the purchase of land.

"Whether its you or I going out and borrowing for a Chinese bank to purchase land as opposed to a Canadian institution and that's something that the current law and I think any provincial laws forbid outside capital from coming in, that may be something that the province is going to look at."

Three-quarters of the respondents of the online consultation by the province were farmers, while the APAS survey respondents were 100 per cent producers.