The 23rd Annual Festival of Wreaths will soon be underway in Humboldt, with plenty to bid on in time for Christmas. 

The festival is a silent auction fundraiser that benefits the Friends of the Museum and Gallery. 

“They’ve funded things like the ”sense of place” public art storyboards around the community, concerts, youth programs, really just all the programming we do - all the money goes right back into the community,” explained the Director of Cultural Services, Jennifer Fitzpatrick. 

She says there have been lots of donations this year.

“Great donations have come in from very generous people around the community. We started out with just wreaths, but it is now so much more. It’s holiday decor, great clothing, books, gift cards, gift certificates from local businesses, really just a wide range of things.”

Fitzpatrick says there is something for everyone at the festival. 

“There is quilted material, artwork, a pressure washer, baskets of liquor, there’s all kinds of great stuff this year. We are right now at the highest [amount of donations] we have ever been. We have 167 items on display.”

The festival kicks things off Thursday, November 17 taking place from 1 - 8 pm at the Humboldt and District Gallery. For those that cannot make it to the festival, bids can also be made on their website. 

“For our Grand Opening on Thursday, we do have our local Yana Yudina-Jeewon. She is going to be singing from the steps of the museum. It’s a great way to get into the Christmas spirit. We also have St. Dominic's Children's Choir coming and some fun dancing that may take place around 6 pm.”

Fitzpatrick says while shopping downtown, stop by the Gallery to take a look at the Festival of Wreaths and some free Hot Chocolate and Candy Canes until 8:00 pm.