Nothing like a little Coffee, Crafts and Culture to chase away the weekend winter blues. That’s the hope of Humboldt Museum and Gallery staff as they present a winter break with their Saturday offering. 

Starting on Saturday, March 4th the Humboldt & District Museum and Gallery will be open from 10am to noon on Saturdays with a variety of free and fun activities for both families and individuals. 

Their new program, Coffee, Crafts, and Culture, will feature free coffee and treats at both the Museum and Gallery, as well as an array of activities in each space which change monthly. For the month of March, the Museum will feature a pixel art craft, old fashioned toys, and a new scavenger hunt to explore the exhibits. At the Gallery, relax with some art supplies, including charcoal for sketching, plasticine for sculpting, and unique colouring pages.

Or just sip coffee and enjoy the exhibits! Meet a friend for coffee Saturday morning at the Museum or Gallery starting on Saturday, March 4! When you are ready to come out of your winter hibernation, the Museum and Gallery will be ready to welcome you!