It's the last day to pick up your tickets for the Humboldt Broncos Lottery of Cash. There's still $100,000 Grand Prize up for grabs along with subsidiary prizes and a buy in for the Lottery of Cash 50/50.

“We’re extremely grateful for the immense support from our community and right across the province of Saskatchewan,” says Rory McGouran, marketing manager for the Broncos. “For the last 27 years we’ve been running the Humboldt Broncos Lottery of Cash. We rely solely on the support of the province and the hockey community. Our goals and responsibilities revolve around guiding our players toward growth and success both on and off the ice. Through the lottery, it provides you a chance to win some great cash prizes while helping the Humboldt Broncos with those goals.” 

Ticket sales wrap up at 7:00 pm tonight, and the draw is tomorrow, so don't hesitate. To buy your tickets online, click here or call 1-833-733-2022. Draw will be held Saturday, April 2.