As the storm rages on, power outages are being experienced throughout the Humboldt region and beyond.

SaskPower warns that as the severe winter weather sweeps across Saskatchewan there is a higher chance of outages.

Heavy winds and ice build up are a common factor in power outages but a fire at the Watrous substation is the culprit of many of the outages that begun Wednesday morning.

Simpson, Imperial, Nokomis, Viscount, Young, Allan, Colonsay, and Watrous areas are all being effected by the fire.

Crews have been dispatched and are working to restore the power but there is no word yet on when that might be.

St. Brieux and Lake Lenore have been in and out of power throughout the day along with Blucher and Aberdeen experiencing outages.

Power poles in and around St. brieux are needing repair. Crews are currently on site.

SaskPower reminds residents that in the event of a power outage it is a good idea to unplug all appliances and leave a lone light on to indicate when the power has returned.