The FishOn Fishing Lake catch and release ice fishing derby will take place at Fishing Lake on February 18. 

It will be the perfect time to grab some fishing rods, as it is also Saskatchewan Free Fishing Weekend, meaning no fishing license is required for the event. 

Early Bird Ticket price ends on February 15 at midnight, allowing participants to register two people for only $140. 

Single-participant tickets will be available for $80 per ticket. 

“We are putting our lines down from 12 until 3 and trying to catch some fish. You can show up at 8:00 am for registration and we have a main tent for concession and walleye side bets and our 50/50. You get your stuff set up, visit with us in the tent until noon, then the gun will go and we fish from noon until three,” says Carmen Sowa with the Derby. 

The event is a catch-and-release derby and reminds fishers to bring a pail to transport live fish. 

“It looks like it’s going to be windy, so maybe bring a tent or a pop-up tent or some sort of wind block. If you want to bring your own auger, you can. We are allowing vehicles to park on the perimeter, but not on the actual derby.”

Funds from this derby will go towards Great North Shore Development Projects and the Wadena Community Child Care Centre. 

([The Wadena Community Child Care Centre] is trying to get a government daycare going, and they are very close to their goal, so we are giving them all the 50/50, the kitchen and we’ll help them out with that, and hopefully, they can make that get done.”

Tickets for the event can be purchased by clicking here