If you haven't done any research and are confused about who your federal election candidates are, or what your new riding is or where to vote, don't worry you are likely not alone.

About two years ago the entire constituent map in the province was revamped with new titles and new boundaries.

Pictured above is the new riding which house the City of Humboldt and it's immediate surroundings and then some. Formerly the Saskatoon-Humboldt riding, it is now known as Carlton Trail-Eagle Creek.

Registered candidates include Kelly Block for the Conservatives, Glenn Wright will run for the New Democrats, Lynn Oliphant with the Green Party, and the Liberals don't have a candidate yet.


 The riding of Moose Jaw-Lake Centre-Lanigan is the largest to the south of Humboldt. Voters in that constituency will have the option of the Conservatives Tom Lukiwski, the New Democrats Dustin Hlady, Perry Juttla who will run for the Liberals, or Shawn Setyo who is the Green Party candidate.

The riding of Yorkton-Melvile is off to Humboldt's west but features Watson and other centres and Rural Municipalities in our listening area. Running for a seat in Ottawa in that constituency is Cathay Wagantall under the Conservative Banner, Doug Ottenbreit will fly the NDP logo and George Wooldridge is the Green Party candidate. The Liberals are without one.

Residents north of Humboldt up near St. Brieux and across Highway 41 will vote in the Prince Albert constituency. The finalized candidates in that riding is Randy Hoback of the Conservatives, Lon Borgerson will hope to get the Democrats a seat, Gordan Kirkby is the Liberal hopeful and Byron Tenkink will run for the Greens.

We will provide more information on each candidate as the October 19th election draws closer.