Saskatchewan residents are able to enjoy the popular pastime of fishing for free this Family Day long weekend.

This applies only to provincial bodies of water outside of National parks. The following is via the Government of Saskatchewan:

  • Angling limits and all other sport fishing laws remain in effect.
  • The free fishing weekend does not apply in national parks.
  • Anyone planning to take fish out of the province must buy a license.

In Saskatchewan, nearly 20 per cent of all angling occurs during the winter months.

Ice safety should be your number one priority before and during your ice fishing adventures. Check ice thickness regularly, as water does not freeze uniformly and is unpredictable. 

Ice thickness guidelines are as follows:


  • 4" - 1 person
  • 8" - snowmobile
  • 12" - automobile, 2 tonnes
  • 12"+ - heavy trucks