There are plenty of experienced anglers in the area and lots of great lakes to fish. If you’re someone who hasn’t experienced the thrill of Saskatchewan fishing, or you’re looking to get back into it, then this weekend is for you. Free Fishing Weekend 2022 is upon us.
Free Fishing Weekend on July 9 and 10 allows Saskatchewan residents to try their hands at sport fishing without a licence. The program does not apply in National Parks and taking fish out of the province is prohibited without a license. 
"Whether you are new to the sport or an avid angler, Free Fishing Weekend is a great opportunity to pick up a fishing rod," Environment Minister Dana Skoropad said. "In Saskatchewan, we are fortunate to have some of the best freshwater fishing in our own backyard."
There’s plenty of great fishing to be had in the Humboldt area at spots like Lake Lenore and St. Brieux Lake. A little further afield are Marean, Barrier and Greenwater Lakes, and a host of opportunities await in the province’s northeast. 
There are nearly 70 species of fish native to Saskatchewan, including 21 different sport fishing species, such as walleye, pike and trout. More information is available at, and sports fishers new and old are invited to check out the Saskatchewan Anglers Guide.