Humboldt art lovers, including plenty of artistic hands from Futuristic Industries, partook in a screenprinting afternoon at the Humboldt and District Gallery on Saturday. Local artist Annah Gullacher led the creative and colourful workshop.

The art work involved applying multi colours to a glass plate and then manipulating the image with textures like yarn or bubble wrap. Then the resulting swirls of colour are transferred to paper or fabric.

“Today we are making self-portraits,” explained Annah at the event. “Our purpose is to show what we think of ourselves. How we're are looked at by others sometimes impacts how we feel about ourselves. Today we are trying to focus on what is special about us.”

Each participant could choose colours and textures and would add a photo taken by Gallery staff to become part of the print. 

“We’re combining photography with jelly plate printmaking and monoprinting. Between those media, we’re coming up with some fun interpretations of the different parts of ourselves.”

The finished works will be part of an exhibition planned to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Futuristic Industries to be held at the Museum later this year.

Printmaking 2