When it comes to gas prices many of us associate the price per barrel of oil with what we should pay per litre at the pump.

If that's the case would gas at your local station not be low with oil in the tank?

Jason Toews with GasBuddy.com explains a couple points that alter that scenario.

"We are in Summer driving season and there is also a major event in northwestern Indiana happened, the BP Whiting refinery actually had a major outage. It's actually going to be down for about a month."

The spike at the pump was so severe, Toews claims he hasn't seen a jump that high in the past.

"We've never actually seen prices jump this high this quickly, it's definitely an all time high for a hike. It's unusual to see it to go up this much but it is a major refinery."

There is a silver lining in the future Toews assures.

"For most of the rest of August I think we could see prices going up another five or eight cents a litre potentially but I think we going to see gas prices going down to 80-90 cents a litre by the end of the year."

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