When a Frozen Empire takes over the late-March landscape and won’t relinquish its hold, who you gonna call? 

Well, Environment Canada will tell you why it’s happening, but there’s not much they can do about it. So why not call the Ghostbusters ... and Auroraman while you’re at it. 

On Friday night, the ghoulish gladiators showed up at Reel Attractions in Humboldt for the worldwide premier of Ghostbusters: Frozen Empire. The Ectomobile rolled down 9th Street, lights flashing, as movie goers lined up to meet the duo in charge.  

Sebastian and Kristin Van Esch have long been Ghostbusters fan dating to the original 1984 release. With self-fashioned gear and a tricked-out SUV, the Saskatoon-based Busters have been out on a few similar missions and are back in the game with the latest release in the franchise.  

Out as backup was Jeff “Auroraman” Burton and a new teaser for his upcoming fall issue. The cover was appropriately Ghostbusters themed with Auroraman facing an all-new adventure this fall.