The Government of Saskatchewan is announcing they are keeping their committment of $10 million in funding for provincial parks.

The $10 million is over a four year plan, with that the SaskParty has invested $53 million in the last four years. That number balloons to $90 million since they took over power in 2007.

"Saskatchewan's provincial parks are a key component of our quality of life here in the province," Parks, Culture and Sport Minister Mark Docherty said in a news release on Monday. "This enhanced investment over the past four years, along with our total increased investment since 2007, has helped us to improve the experience for current visitors and ensure that our park infrastructure will remain stable for years to come."

Since 2012 the Ministry responsible has taken on more than 140 capital projects within the province's park system.

Some of the investments listed in the news release are:
-more than $7.5 million on water and wastewater system upgrades;
-$7.5 million on campsite electrical expansion and upgrade work;
-$7.0 million on replacing or upgrading campground and day use service centres;
-$6.0 million on developing new campsites, including a brand new campground at each of Blackstrap and Greenwater Lake Provincial Parks;
-More than $3.5 million on park roads and trail systems;
-More than $1.0 million in improving and upgrading boat launches across the park system;
-$1.7 million in campsite enhancements and furnishings; and
-Upgrades to other park facilities, such as historic and interpretive facilities, shoreline protection systems, bridges, drainage systems, and playground structures.

The majority of these projects are already complete and the few that remain in progress will be complete and ready for the 2016 camping season.