The City of Humboldt and the Humboldt Broncos Memorials Committee is facing a bit of a setback in regard to its planned Broncos Tribute Centre. The groups’ bid for an Investing in Canada Infrastructure Program (ICIP) grant, which would have provided a potential $25,550,000 of the estimated $35,000,000, was not recommended by the Saskatchewan Ministry of Government Relations. 

ICIP applications are a 2-step process. The Saskatchewan Ministry of Government Relations reviews all applications on a province-wide basis before sending their recommended projects to the Federal government for final consideration and approval. The rejection notification came with the explanation that this year’s total number of applications and funding requests exceeded the amount of funds available. 

The City acknowledged the setback but confirmed in a statement that it will press ahead with efforts to secure funding for the centre as planned. 

“This is a disappointment. However, we can appreciate that there were other applicants whose needs are similar, perhaps on a smaller scale,” said Mayor Behiel. “The needs identified through the feasibility studies illustrated that our growing community will need an additional ice surface, as well as conference and convention space, so we will evaluate our options to continue moving forward in planning for a new facility.”

The sentiments were echoed by other representatives of the Memorials Committee. 

“The significance of this project cannot be overlooked. The purpose and meaning of a Tribute Centre goes far beyond what some may imagine. It will not only meet the needs of the community, but also recognize the support from all over the world, the resiliency of the families and the community and be an appropriate tribute to those involved in the tragedy,” said Kurt Leicht, father of Jacob Leicht, one of the 16 who lost their life in the bus tragedy, and a member of the Humboldt Broncos Memorials Committee.

Throughout the planning for the project, the City and the Committee have been working with DCG Philanthropic and other volunteers to secure funding. The ICIP decision may delay shovels in the ground, but all organizations involved remain committed to the original vision. 

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