To create affordable multi-unit housing like apartments or townhouses, Humboldt City Council has begun the process of rezoning a couple of pieces of land to allow the development of these types of properties. 

At last month’s meeting, city council gave first readings to zoning amendments that would allow the possibility for development of new multi-unit housing units in Humboldt.  

The two areas are in the southeast corner of the city along with the section of land that’s east of Caleb Village.  

In the southeast area, the zoning amendment would allow development of multi-unit facilities particularly street townhouses. 

The amendment for the land near Caleb Village would allow the development of an apartment building. 

Now the City has issued public notices of Public Hearings on the zoning amendments ahead of the upcoming council meeting. 

Marketing and Development Manager Penny Lee says this is done to hear any possible concerns of residents located near these areas under consideration for multi-unit housing development.  

Lee explains that the need for multi-unit housing in Humboldt will expand soon.  

“Cause the expansion of BHP and along with those employees, there’s their families that need to relocate here.”  

Another reason there is a demand for multi-unit housing in Humboldt according to Lee is that it would allow opportunities for individuals and families looking to relocate searching for affordable housing as compared to other large centres in the province.  

One of the reasons the city is exploring the land near Caleb Village for a multi-unit building so they can have a building that is in walking distance of the downtown core along with the school.  

A benefit for expanded housing in the city's southeast area would allow residents to be near Bill Brecht Park.  

The next city council meeting is set for July 22.