The latest OSAC concert performance is bound for Watson at the Civic Centre, and it promises to be a magical evening of exciting and eclectic music. Christine Tassan et les Imposteurs are making a stop on Thursday, November 4 with what can only be called a unique sound.

Christine and the band hail from Montreal bringing with them a special brand of gypsy jazz, fused with elements of modern jazz and swing. 

Gypsy jazz dates back to Europe as a revolutionary type of swing performed exclusively with strings. It was popularized in recording by legendary Django Reinhart. Often accompanied by violin virtuoso Stephane Grappelli, Django’s groups performed in Paris, later throughout Europe, and his recordings introduced the use of guitar as a jazz instrument.

Christine Tassan et les Imposteurs are currently on an 18 show tour in the short span of 21 days, dodging snowstorms along the way throughout Saskatchewan. The tour wraps up in Saskatoon with a show at the Bassment. Tassan describes the music as being true to Django Reinhart’s spirit with some adaptations along the way. 

“Basically the music is a mix of Django’s style of gypsy music, French music, combined with swing music coming from the States in the 30s and 40s. Django played the music on stringed instruments like guitars, violins, and double bass. That’s what we now call gypsy jazz”. 

The show the band is presenting is entitled “Entre (Between) Felix and Django,” a nod to the influence of legendary Quebecois Felix Leclerc. Christine’s background is classical guitar, and so audiences can expect to hear that influence as well as the rhythms of traditional Quebecois music. Those influences have been part of the band's journey, as well as Christine’s own musical travels.

“A long time ago, I was writing my own songs, so I was singing and playing the guitar, and I was very interested by improvised music, so I started to study jazz music. Then about 25 years ago, I listened to some Django Reinhart songs, and it was amazing for me because it was a combination of a lot of the music I love. There is a lot of freedom.”

The free-form but melodic nature of the music, along with its rhythmic energy, is what draws her and her musical cohort to it. The band name “The Imposters” in English, is a coy reference to their toying with the original to bring something new and vibrant to life. 

It’s music designed for dancing, and audiences on the tour have been caught up in its infectious energy, marvelling at the mastery the band members bring to their instruments. 

Showtime at the Watson Civic Centre is 7:30. Advance tickets are $25 available only on Wednesday, November 2 by calling Margaret at (306) 287-3375 or Marion at (306) 287-3226. On show day, tickets are available at the door for $30.