The Humboldt Chapter of Habitat for Humanity held a ceremony Friday where they presented the keys to the two families selected for the homes.

First talks for the committee with built the duplex on second street began in October of 2011 with construction beginning June 2012.

"There was an opportunity for us to do something very positive and contribute to community spirit and I think that says to me that the people of Humboldt and area are wiling to take up the task, they're more than happy to volunteer for something they believe is a worth while project," explains co-chair Bob Bellamy.

One of the families selected was Greg Pascal, his wife Toni and their three children Alex, Kaydence, and Shayanne. Greg says he has lived in the community for years and is not shocked by the hospitality of the residents.

"It's always been a pretty good community to be around and for everybody to pitch in and help out shows that the community wants to stay together a little more and try to maintain that closeness that I've seen throughout the years."

The other was Kristine Knudson and her two children Skyler and McKenzie, Knudson says she is overwhelmed to finally be in her home.

"It's just a mixture of emotions, it's been so exciting and just a really emotional journey. There's just a big weight that's been lifted off my shoulders and God's just filled me with peace today and we just feel very, very blessed."

The committee is still needing to wrap up some more fundraising for this project and they are planning for their next build to possibly begin in 2014.

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