Harvest activities are in full swing in the southwest.

So far 30% of the crop in the area is now in the bin, up from 17 per cent last week.

The majority of crop damage in the area over the last week is a result of strong winds, lack of moisture and wildlife such as geese and cranes.

Swathing canola and timing the desiccation of other crops has been a challenge due to the different stages of crop maturity.

Secondary weed growth has also been causing some combining issues.

Yields are all over the map with some areas much higher than expected, while others are well-below average.

Once harvest is in we will need to see some significant moisture to help replenish topsoil moisture conditions.

All crop districts in the region continue to report that topsoil moisture conditions are at least 85% short to very short on cropland, hay land and pastures.