Farmers would like to see the rain hold off so they can continue working on the harvest.

Todd Lewis farms near Gray, about 50 kilometers southeast of Regina, and says his crops seemed to hang on adding he thinks they’ll have an average crop.

Lewis was busy combining durum Wednesday and seemed pleased with the crop noting there’s no fusarium in it this year:

"Initial tests we did were probably going to be a two or better anyway, as far as the grades go. Very low disease, so I think that's a positive thing. I think we're going to run 40-45 here maybe."

The Lentils are done and in the bin, but he’s wondering how the Canola crop is going to do with so little moisture this year.

Mitch Larock farms at Eatonia and says he was lucky they seemed to be in the rain path this year and had about five to eight inches this while neighbors just a few miles away got about one or less.

"We have brought in some lentils so far and they seem to be pretty good," Larock said. "The grading I think will be there. They look good - they look better than last year. As far as a yield, I've heard guys anywhere from 20 up into that mid-30s for yield."

Larock says he thinks the harvest is going to be a little better than they expected, noting the durum is holding on better than what they initially thought.