Harvest is progressing well across the province due to warm and relatively dry weather with 29 percent of the crop combined and 30 percent is swathed or ready to straight-cut.

The five year average is 14 percent combined and 26 percent swathed or ready to straight-cut for this time of year.

The furthest advanced producers are in the southwest with 51 percent of the crop combined. Southeast producers have 45 percent combined, 20 percent in the west-central region, 13 percent in the northwest, 11 percent in the east-central region, and 10 percent in the northeast.

The province has seen from nil to 22 mm of rain in the southeastern areas.

Topsoil moisture on cropland is rated as three percent surplus, 78 percent adequate, 17 percent short and two percent very short. Hayland and pasture topsoil is rated as one percent surplus, 67 percent adequate, 27 percent short, and five percent very short.

Pastures are rated as four percent excellent, 43 percent good, 36 percent fair, 14 percent poor, and three percent very poor. 11 percent of forage crops are reported to have not been cut or baled, due to lack of growth.

A forage, feed and custom service listing for producers to advertise and source feed products can be found at www.agriculture.gov.sk.ca/FoodForageListing.

Some crop damage has come from localized hail and wind and there are also reports of bleaching, staining, or sprouting of cereal and pulse crops in some areas.

Farmers are busy with harvest operations as well as seeding winter cereals as time allows.