The Saskatchewan harvest is well ahead of last year.

So far, 16 percent of the crop is in the bin with another 19 percent laying in swath or ready to straight cut, up from last year at this time when only two percent of the crop was combined.

Last week there was 9 percent of the harvest complete.

Integrated Pest Management Specialist Brent Flaten says harvest activities vary around the province.

"We've got a low of two percent in the northeast region, three percent in the northwest and east central, eight percent in the west central, 27 percent in the south east, and a high of 33 percent in the southwest so quite variable all the way from two percent to 33 percent for the average of 16."

Flaten broke down the numbers when it comes to each individual crop, "we're looking at about 95% of the winter wheat and fall rye combined and then a good start on the durum at 14 percent done and mustard at 35% in the bin and of course the field peas and lentils being quite far along at 79% and 70% respectively."

Rainfall and cool temperatures last week resulted in some harvest delays in areas, however farmers have been making some good progress this week with the hot dry weather.