The sun in the forecast should be a helping hand to local farmers after more than a week and a half of delays.

Wet conditions brought harvest to a stand still, but the good news is harvest is still on schedule. Now equal to the five year average of 60 per cent combined and 28 per cent is swathed or ready to straight-cut.

Brent Flaten with the Ag Knowledge Centre says conditions are extremely varied across the province.

"Everywhere from extremely dry conditions in the spring and poor germination to fairly good conditions in the majority of the east side of the province and then the rain started coming at the wrong time and trying to figure out what to do with late stuff."

There was also a lot of frost in the last week but Flaten says since most crops were already mature, there isn't a lot of damage being reported so far.

The latest crop report shows 60% of the 2015 crop is in the bin with another 28% swathed or ready to straight-cut.

Producers in the southwest have 81% of the crop combined, 79% is done in the southeast, 52% in the west central region, the east-central region is at 47%  complete,  32% is done in the northwest while 34 % is done in the northeast.

Hayland and pasture topsoil moisture conditions are rated as three percent surplus, 82 percent adequate, 13 percent short, and two percent very short. Topsoil moisture conditions on cropland are rated as 11 percent surplus, 81 percent adequate, seven percent short, and one percent very short.

Around the province, seven percent of the crop is in excellent condition while 52 percent is in good condition, 34 percent is reported to be fair, six percent is poor and one percent is in very poor condition.

Farmers are extremely busy during the last week of September with harvest operations, fall spraying, machinery repairs, and hauling grain and bales.