The wet and cold weather last weekend hampered havest progress for many farmers, according to the latest weekly crop report from Saskatchewan Agriculture.

Progress is most advanced in the Southeast, having 94 per cent combined, while Southwest has 92 per cent combined. In the West Central region, 81 per cent is in the bin, followed by 75 per cent in the East Central region. The Northeast is at 74 per cent, while the Northwest is at 73 per cent.

Shannon Friesen with Saskatchewan Agriculture says the overall provincial average is up from last week.

"84 percent is now in the bin that is up from 74 percent last week, certainly the wet and cool weather over the weekend did delay us but farmers were able to get off quite a bit prior to the rain and of course lots of them were able to get back in, in the last couple of days. The five year average is 83 percent so we are right on target, we are well ahead of where we were last year but of course we are still right on track."

Rainfall last week in Saskatchewan ranged from trace amounts to nearly two inches.

Crop yields vary from region to region but are generally within the average range. 

Average yields are reported as 37 bushels per acre for spring wheat, 32 bushels per acre for durum, 59 bushels per acre for barley, 34 bushels per acre for canola and 32 bushels per acre for peas.