SGI’s April Traffic Safety Spotlights results are in, and the crown corporation has noticed that having a valid license and an insured vehicle hasn’t registered with all Saskatchewan drivers. 

In SGI’s release, it states law enforcement reported:

  • 623 people driving while suspended 
  • 695 people driving unregistered vehicles  

Both activities can cost a pretty penny and result in some serious consequences, such as fines, vehicle impoundments, and lack of insurance coverage, state SGI. 

Saskatchewan RCMP was on the lookout for much more than just suspended drivers or unregistered vehicles, and resulted in RCMP reporting:

  • 337 impaired drivers, including 247 drivers who were charged with Criminal Code offences 
  • 5,750 drivers who were speeding or driving aggressively
  • 259 tickets for not wearing a seatbelt, wearing it incorrectly or having children improperly restrained
  • 535 distracted drivers, including 355 drivers ticketed for using a mobile device

SGI wants to remind drivers that as it is the long weekend, to expect busier highways, and if you are heading somewhere for May long, to please drive sober, avoid distractions, obey posted speed limits, and buckle up.