The SGI Traffic Safety Spotlight for August was fixed once again on distracted driving. The Crown insurer reports in its latest release that the Regina Police Force have a valuable asset in catching those who aren’t paying attention behind the wheel.  

Regina Police Constable Mike “Hawkeye” Seel, who is notoriously skilled at catching distracted drivers, and sharing his experiences on his popular Twitter account.  In recent weeks, Seel has Tweeted about catching drivers texting, watching YouTube videos, playing with a Rubix cube, and being distracted by something else entirely.    

In August, police across Saskatchewan issued 837 tickets for distracted driving offences, including 729 for using a cellphone while driving and 108 for driving without due care and attention.  Tickets for both offences start at $580, and four demerits.  A second offence within a year will result in a $1,400 ticket and a seven-day vehicle impoundment, as this driver caught by Cst. Seel found out the hard way

 When you drive, #JustDrive. That means keeping your phone out of your hand and not letting any other distractions or activities take your focus away from safely operating the vehicle.  

 Other results reported by police for August included: 

  • 494 impaired driving offences, including 212 Criminal Code charges and 282 administrative suspensions; 

  • 419 tickets for seatbelt or car seat offences; and 

  • 4,880 tickets for speeding and aggressive driving offences. 

SGI and law enforcement continue to focus on school zone safety in September. Drivers who pass through school zones should remember to follow the reduced speed limits and watch out for kids, especially around intersections and crosswalks. 

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